Saturday, June 3, 2017

QOTM - June 3, 2017

Civil rights pioneer/activist. United Nations Ambassador. Mayor of Atlanta. US Congressman. He has served in these and many other significant roles during his illustrious career in the public eye.  Andrew Young is a national treasure, and he has given much more than was required.
As he prepares to hold a grand celebration of his 85th birthday, he continues to give, as evidenced by some quotable nuggets that he dropped in a TV interview yesterday. These priceless nuggets have wide application: not just for civil rights, but for fortifying a qualitative life philosophy as well. Here is some of what he shared:
  • (I) want to point up some things that we learned in the (Civil Rights) movement that people seem to have forgotten. The first one is...Don't get mad, get smart.
  • White supremacy is a sickness. You don't let sick people get you upset. Stay out of their way. But if you confront them, don't get angry. Just be cool. You can't beat them. You can't outcuss them and be meaner than they can, but you can out-think them.
  • When you attack your opponent (and) call your opponent's name, you rally his support.
  • Nobody can set you free but you and God, and YOU can't do it without God.
  • If you want to live to be 85, I'm gonna tell you like Quincy Jones told me: "There ain't no 250-pound 80-year-olds."
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste; you don't want to let your belly get in the way of that.
Amen to all that, Ambassador.

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